Special Event Design

Special Event Design

Planning a special event can be a never ending story of undecided design directions and a multitude of options but at Tanglewood Flowers and Garden we make those tough decisions a smooth journey to a intended overall design concept, our experience on the field has made us grow as top designers in the artistry of natural floral arrangements and decor.


We can work directly on designing the center pieces and arrangements of the event or we can work with the event planner or the chief architectural designer in charge of the event, either way we are team enthusiasts because we know that your bottom line is our bottom line and nothing is more satisfying than seeing our clients enjoying them selves and heaving their guests admiring their good taste.


We have pretty much every single flower and greenery in the industry to help you achieve your perspective and we work closely with wholesalers and suppliers of fresh flowers, plants, greenery, pottery, glassware, ornamental structures and more, give us a call today at 713-572-1226 and start your journey into a whole new flower design experience!


Irises flowers Peonies Heavenly_Hydrangeas Gerber Daisies Tiger Flower  Asiatic Flower casablanca_lilies Oncidiums_stems Cymbidium_stems Dendrobium_Orchids

Cala Lilly's

ginger_flower Holland_Dutch_&_French_Tulips  Ecuatorian_Roses

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