Wedding and Special Events

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Check our latest photo gallery!

You will find some of our latest floral arrangements, greenery decorations, landscaping showcases, garden focal pottery, water features and more, much more. Tanglewood Flowers and Garden showcases flowers and plants in a very special way so our clients can freely express their good taste and outstanding sense of creativity. We are visionaries when it comes to create center pieces and turn them into breath taking masterpieces.

Wedding floral design and special events are some of the most exiting ways to express our creative experience and for over 30 years we have being able to be part of celebrations of all kinds and memorable events. Our broad selection of flowers, greenery, decor, pottery give our clients the opportunity to explore endless possibilities when it come to show case their emotions and their vision to their family and guests.

Planning a wedding or event is a huge undertaken from settling down with the theme or artistic approach to choosing the right combination of flowers that eventually will come together with the overall vision and at Tanglewood Flowers and Garden our bottom line is to guide you through the process and choices that will make your experience and decision making a walk on the park. Call us today and discover the difference between the average florist and a professional experienced flower designer. Take a look at some of our flower options so you can get an idea of the focal point and we will go from there, click here to take a pick.

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